The utilitarian style of bathroom is very much in favour again, but the old fashioned use of it, perhaps has not followed.

Health and a beauty from within is what we aim for; the glow and energy from a cold shower or full emersion in the bath cannot be imagined, but speed up the time in the bathroom no end, and once part of a routine, it is a real chore to run a warm bath even once a week!

Dry skin brushing in the shower beforehand, is part of the pleasure of knowing that you are looking after your body so it can serve you well; the boost for the lymphatic system will be felt immediately. The sweeping away of dry skin cells must surely be a social duty - I read a disturbing sign in the local Laundry showing that we each contribute the equivalent of two spoonfuls of dry skin -probably per week, but this can be avoided by adequate dry skin brushing,   and a quick salutory whip of skin cream will leave one  in spa level comfort for the day ahead.  An evening bath or shower, using minimal water will assist restful sleep, and although occasionally this can be warm, the benefit of cold water in leaving one warm as toast, ought not to be underestimated!